Zahlé (Arabic: زحلة‎) is the capital and the biggest city of Beqaa Governorate, Lebanon. With around 120,000 occupants, it is the third biggest city in Lebanon after Beirut and Tripoli, and the fourth biggest taking the entire metropolitan territory (the Jounieh metropolitan region is bigger).

Zahlé is found 55 km (34 mi) east of the capital Beirut, near the Beirut-Damascus street, and lies at the intersection of the Lebanon mountains and the Beqaa level, at a mean height of 1,000 m. Zahlé is known as the “Lady of the hour of the Beqaa” and “the Neighbor of the Gorge” for its topographical area and appeal, yet additionally as “the City of Wine and Poetry” It is acclaimed all through Lebanon and the locale for its lovely atmosphere, various riverside eateries, and quality arak. Its occupants are prevalently Greek Catholic and are known as Zahlawis.