Ras Baalbek

Ras Baalbek (Arabic: رأس بعلبك‎) is a town in the northern Beqaa Valley in Lebanon.

Striking highlights incorporate the cloister of “Our Lady of Ras Baalbek” (Deir Saidat ar-Ras) and two Byzantine houses of worship. One church is in the focal point of the town and different misleads the east where some different vestiges can be discovered that are asserted to be the remaining parts of a Roman water passage. Occupants of the town have affirmed it was once called “Connaya,” proposing a connect to the antiquated settlement of Conna, referenced in crafted by Antonius. It is additionally 500 meters west of a Neolithic stone sanctuary called Ras Baalbek I.

In 2014, the war with ISIS in the close by town of Arsal brought about the occupants of Ras Baalbek shaping a state army to ensure the town. The state armies were associated to the Lebanese Armed Forces. In September 2016 the Lebanese Army assaulted Islamic State positions close to Ras Baalbek.