Deir Al-Ahmar

Deir El Ahmar (Arabic: دير الأحمر‎) is a Lebanese town, found 100 km from Beirut and 22 km northwest of Baalbek in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon.

The number of inhabitants in Deir el Ahmar is around 23,000.[citation needed] The fundamental religion is Christianity, the majority of them are Maronites. There are eight authentic houses of worship, including Saint Joseph Church, which was finished on September 15, 1914; Our Lady of the Tower Church, which was based on the remains of the sanctuary of Jupiter; Saint Georges; Saint Nohra; Saint Michel, old and new; Saint Elie; Our Lady of Cultivation. The town fills in as the focal point of the archbishopric of Baalbek–Deir El-Ahmar.