Chtaura (Arabic: شتورا‎) is a town in Lebanon in the ripe Beqaa valley situated between the Mount Lebanon and the Anti-Lebanon mountain run. It is found most of the way on the Beirut – Damascus parkway. It is found 44 kilometers (27 mi) from Beirut.

Chtaura is the valley’s center point for banking, transportation, and business, with numerous inns and eateries on the principle street. From Chtaura, explorers can withdraw for Zahlé, Baalbek, or Damascus.

A couple of kilometers south from Chtaura on the principle street lies the town of Tannayal (from the Aramaic word for “the Grace of God”). A bequest that has been changed over to a homestead and retreats focus in Ignatian otherworldliness, claimed by the Jesuit dads since 1860. Intriguing fowl including peacocks and birds can be found there. It is a working homestead and furthermore fills in as an encouraging office for the Faculty of Agriculture at Saint Joseph University situated in Beirut.