Mount Lebanon


Mayfouq/ˌmeɪˈfuːk/(Arabic: ميفوق‎, otherwise called Qottara) is a town and region in the Byblos District of Mount Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon. It is found 64 km north of Beirut. Mayfouq has a normal rise of 860 meters above ocean level and its complete land region is 811 hectares. Its occupants are transcendently Maronite Catholics.

Mayfouq is frequently commended for its normal magnificence and untamed life, bragging huge zones rich ranger service, and has been a typical area for touring sightseers who wish to take a gander at some wild creatures, for example, Hyenas and Fox.

Mayfouq has a region starting at 1998 and the current president is Hady EL-Hachach. Instructive organizations in Mayfouq incorporate the Convent grade school and an auxiliary school.

Mayfouq was the second Maronite Patriarchal area in Lebanon. There are various houses of worship in the town, including Our Lady of Ilige, Our Lady of Mayfouq, Mart Moura, Al Sayde Kfarchelli, and numerous other abandoned chapels such Mar Saba, St Georges (Mar Girgis). Religious communities incorporate Our Lady of Mayfouq Convent and Mar Challita Convent (Kattara), which are under the support of the Lebanese Maronite Order.

The town is likewise home to the Achtarout Club (Arabic: نادي عشتروت الرياضي‎), which was established by Joseph Noon, Mayfouq’s group won a few prizes and was the victor of the Byblos clubs competition in volleyball for a long time.