Mount Lebanon


Harissa-Daraoun (Arabic: حريصا–درعون‎) is a region that comprises of two towns, Harissa and Daraoun, in the Keserwan District of the Mount Lebanon Governorate of Lebanon. The district is found 27 km north of Beirut.[1] Its normal rise is 550 meters above ocean level and its complete land zone is 435 hectares.[1] Harissa is available from the beach front city of Jounieh either by street or by a nine-minute excursion by a gondola lift, known as the Téléphérique. Harissa is home to a significant Lebanese journey site, Our Lady of Lebanon.[2] It pulls in the two travelers and vacationers who need to appreciate perspectives on the inlet of Jounieh.

Daraoun contains three schools, one public and two private, that selected aggregate of 457 understudies starting at 2008, while Harissa had one non-public school with 242 understudies during that equivalent timespan. There were eight organizations with more than five representatives working in Daraoun starting at 2008, and two organizations with more than five representatives in Harissa during that equivalent period. Daraoun’s occupants are overwhelmingly Maronite Catholics, while Harissa has a blended populace of Melkite and Maronite Catholics.