Miniara is a village in Akkar Governorate, Lebanon, 9 kilometers east of the Mediterranean Sea, and 3 kilometers south of Halba. The population is between 7,000 and 10,000.
Miniara is the birthplace of Ibrahim Beik El-Sarraf, the first member of the Lebanese parliament to represent the Christian seat of Akkar for 2 terms when Lebanon was still a French Mandate, and his younger brother “Afandi” Zeki EL Sarraf the first mayor in the municipality of Akkar in his village Miniara.[citation needed] Dr Yacoub El Sarraf–son of Ibrahim El Sarraf and a generous doctor who treated poor people free of charge and conducted many public services–was elected the Minister of Health in Lebanon. The current mayor of the village of Miniara is Toni Naim Aboud since 1998