Mount Lebanon


The name Bikfaya is a withdrawal of the Aramaic (Syriac) compound expression “Beit Kiifa”, with “Kifayya” being the overall modifier of “rock” or “stone” in Aramaic. Thus, Bikfaya would mean the “place of stone” or “the rough/stony house” with the semantic undertone of “the spot, area of stones, or stone quarry.

La Fête des Fleurs à Beckfayya or the Festival of Flowers has pulled in sightseers since 1934 when Maurice Gemayel began the celebration to stand out to the sloping town. Every year, an assortment of vehicles embellished with a huge number of vivid blossoms and natural products march through Bikfaya’s tree-lined central avenue. Unrecorded music groups, bazaars, and the appointment of three lovely ladies: the Queen of Flowers, the Queen of Fruits, and the Queen of Sports, are held in the public squares and gardens.