Mount Lebanon


Antelias is home to the site of Ksar Akil where the locale’s most seasoned survives from a person have been discovered: a 30,000-year-elderly person close to the caverns of Ksar Akil. The skull of the body discovered was sent the Beirut National Museum and the remaining parts were delivered to the United States for protection and study.[2] Those caverns are likewise all around desired by known speleologists who have investigated their ways. Antelias cavern was likewise found 2.5 kilometers (1.6 mi) east of the town until it was totally wrecked by explosive in 1964. Revelations from Antelias are housed at the Museum of Lebanese Prehistory.

Antelias is likewise the site of the St-Elie Church, inherent 1895. St-Elie Church holds festivities on the seven day stretch of 19 July. An assortment of exercises are offered to the public, for example, plays, shows, a reasonable and food, sweet stands, and firecrackers.